Swiniarski, Descendents of Łuzna. Document version 1.0 released in electronic format.

posted 10 Jul 2010, 13:52 by Michael Swinarski

About this document

This is the first release of a docutment that is a collection of short stories, essays, commentary, rough notes, graphical images, and perhaps some meaningless ramblings; that all reflect the result of a genealogy project that began several years ago.  It is our hope that this document will be made public, and could potentially lead to furthering this research. However, our main goal is to share what we have learned, so that it never again becomes unknown.  Effort will be made, to distribute this document within the family, as well as placed in locations where it may be found by future generations, historians, and genealogists.

Identity Theft

Because we intend to make this document public, every reasonable effort to protect the living members of our families from crimes such as identity theft has been taken. These efforts include, but not limited to, the removal of names and historical facts, use of abbreviated names, or even blacking out certain text that may become public later.  If you are reading this document expecting to find your full name listed within this text, you probably will not.  If you do, one of two things has occurred. 1) There has been an oversight or mistake in the compilation of this document that must be corrected.  2) We are under the impression that you are deceased, which is obviously a fact that also would need to be corrected.  Ether way, any specific details of the living that could potentially be used in a crime are unintentional, and will be corrected upon notification of the error.  Errors can be reported to michael@swinarski.net.

Special Thanks to…

The progress that we have made during this project is the result of efforts by several people, who deserve our thanks and appreciation.  Special thanks to my wife Julie, who has her own genealogy projects to complete, but has made time to help wade through all of the data, and often has been my own personal “Chief Editor” on many of those e-mails and documents drafted. Thanks to my parents, grandparents, and all other relatives, who have all been so patient with all of my questions and nagging inquiries.  Thanks especially to Candy G., who provided the key information that lead us to so many answers.  We would also like to show our appreciation to Emil Krasnodebski, who took what we had collected in the United States, and connected so many dots to our roots in Poland.


Obtaining this document

While it was orignally intented to release this document in both an electronic, and print and bound format, a decision has been made to hold off on the latter.  The reason for this is that plans for version 2.0 of this document are already in the works, and will have some great additions and potentially some research “break throughs” that we wish to include in the print and bound version.  Details of this relase will come at a later time.


Version 1.0 can be obtained from the link below.  It has been converted into tiff format and can be read by most image or fax viewers that can be found on just about any computer platform.  (Example, Windows PC users can read file with the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" software that is part of your typical Windows install) 



Enjoy:  http://sites.google.com/a/swinarski.net/home/genealogy-projects/project-swiniarski-of-luzna/luzna-files-1